«Sabah» FC signed a cooperation agreement with Croatia’s «Dinamo» (Zagreb) club.

The agreement will cover both clubs’ academies. Thus, according to the agreement, «Sabah» Football Academy will benefit from the experience of the «Dinamo» Football Academy, which is Croatia’s largest football school. This cooperation will provide «Sabah» with great opportunities to train new players and improve the experience of coaches of the club’s academy.

According to the agreement signed between the clubs, the system of the “«Sabah»” FA and the “Vatan” FS will be determined by the “Dinamo” FA. Specialists from the Zagreb representative’s academy will organize the formation of a new system that is in line with European standards at our academy.

Cooperation between the “Sabah” and the “Dinamo” will cover several directions. Some of them are the followings:

The specialist of the “Dinamo” Football Academy, Adino Mustedanagic will be the coordinator of our football school. He will directly supervise the implementation of the new system at our academy.

In addition to Mustedanagic, a three-year contract will be signed with a physical training specialist and a coach. All 3 specialists will live in our country and permanently work at our academy during this period.

Within the framework of the cooperation, “Dinamo” FA coaches are expected to work at our academy and share their knowledge with local coaches. The children of our academy will have the opportunity to practice at the “Dinamo” FA.

Younger age groups of the “Sabah” will have the opportunity to participate in prestigious tournaments organized by the “Dinamo”. The system of the “Dinamo” FA will gradually be applied to the “Sabah” FA and the “Vatan” FS.

The agreement between the two clubs took place at the Maksimir Stadium where the “Dinamo” held its home matches. The event was attended by the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Croatia Fakhraddin Gurbanov, President of the “Sabah” FC Magsud Adigozalov, Head of the Club Selection Service Ilgar Israfilov, President of the “Dinamo” club Mirko Barisic, Chairman of the Board of Directors Vlatka Peras, member of the Board of Directors Amra Peternal, Director of football school Damir Krznar and his assistant Andjelko Ivanjko.

At the end of the event, the president of the “Sabah” FC Magsud Adigozalov and the president of the “Dinamo” Mirko Barisic presented each other the club attributes.

In the coming days, it is planned to hold a press conference to provide more detailed information on the cooperation between the “Dinamo” and the “Sabah”.