Today, “Sabah” facing the replacement team of the “Spartak” club of Russia ended the Antalya meeting. Our team will return home tomorrow.

Our head coach Zeljko Sopic said in an interview with our club’s website that he appreciated the meeting in Turkey. The Croatian specialist first expressed his opinions on our final friendly match in Antalya:

“Today we played our last friendly match within the framework of Antalya meeting. We made a draw of 2:2 with the Moscow’s “Spartak” team consisting of youth. In this match, we gave young footballers a chance. We tried different tactical moves from the beginning to the end of the match. Marko Devic, Rashad Eyubov and Mahammad Mirzabayov were on the field for 90 minutes. I’m glad that we finished the match with no injury. We could win this match or lose. But the result is not important in friendly matches.”

Sopic also expressed his opinions on the training session:

“I was completely satisfied with the 14-day Antalya meeting. The weather was very good while we were here. We were able to implement everything we had planned for the meeting. Our footballers were trained well and did exactly what was required of them. I think this training will be a great benefit for the team”.

Several young footballers also joined the main team in Antalya meeting. 10 young footballers in our championship participated in the training in Turkey according to their limit. Sopic said that he was pleased with the performance of the young footballers:

“We went to the Antalya meeting with 10 young footballers. I’m glad that we were able to give each of them a chance at the friendly matches. In my opinion, they took advantage of this chance. Jeyhun Nuriyev scored 2 goals in the friendly matches. He played well in the encounters for which he won a chance. Other young footballers also showed themselves to be good. They can win a chance in the main team of the “Sabah” in the future. I’m glad that we have such young players”.

At the end, Sopic spoke about his expectations for the second half of the championship:

“At present, Javid Imamverdiyev and Amadu Diallo have minor injuries. But they have enough time to be ready before the start of the second half of the championship. By that time, we must prepare with all our might. I think we will be completely ready until the first match. I believe that in the second half of the championship, we will show a better football and will be in a better position in the league”.