Today, 27 years have passed since the occupation of the Fuzuli and Jabrayil regions of Azerbaijan.

On August 23, 1993 the Armenian armed forces occupied the Fuzuli and Jabrayil regions of our country.

As a result of the occupation, thousands of Azerbaijanis were expelled from their ancestral lands, and historical and architectural monuments in the area were destroyed by Armenians.

The Azykh and Taglar caves in the Fuzuli region, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as cultural monuments of antiquity, were destroyed by Armenians. In addition, the Eastern plane trees, which are considered to be long-lived natural monuments in the region, were completely destroyed, and 500 hectares of land in the Argunash forest were burned.

In Jabrayil region, more than 14,000 real estate, 72 secondary schools, 8 hospitals, 5 mosques, 2 museums, 129 historical monuments, 149 cultural centers, as well as important historical and architectural monuments, underground and surface resources, rich water sources, forests were burned and destroyed by Armenian forces.