Sabah played its first test match during training camp in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Our team tested Shukura (Kobuleti, Georgia) in a match at the Zestafoni training base. The match resulted in a minimal victory for Sabah FC. After the match, our head coach Ramin Guliyev told that he appreciated the training camp and expressed his opinion about the last game:

“We passed the first stage of preparation for the next season in Baku. We have been holding a training camp in Tbilisi since July 15. In the first stage of training, we worked to improve the physical fitness of more players. In the Tbilisi training camp, in addition to physical training, we also prefer tactical training, and we try to adapt new players to the team’s style of play. We plan to play 4 games here. One of these games, the match with “Shukura” is over. There are components that we need to increase significantly in terms of the game. In addition, I can say that we have not yet completed the full formation of the team.

Let me note that we have involved many young players in this gathering. This is a good chance for them to prove themselves and become a permanent member of the main team. We still have time before the championship. We will use this time effectively and continue to improve our game and work on our mistakes.

It should be noted that Sabah will play its next match against local club Samgurali in the Tbilisi training camp. The match will take place on July 23 at the stadium of Zestafoni training base.