“Sabah” FC signed a new contract with Murad Musayev. According to the agreement, the contract with the Russian specialist, which will expire at the end of the current season, has been extended for another year – until May 2024.

Sabah FC president Magsud Adigozalov and head coach Murad Musayev expressed their thinks on the new contract:

Magsud Adigozalov: “I am very happy that we signed a new contract with Murad Musayev. Our team is developing day by day under the leadership of Musayev. This is evident in the football being exhibited. He instills in the team the philosophy of football that we aspire to as a club. I believe that the new agreement will be successful for both parties and we will achieve our goals together.”

Murad Musayev: “I am very happy to be a part of our club. We must step by step become stronger. There is much work to be done. Working hard every day, we will try to please our fans.”

It should be noted that Musayev has been the head coach of “Sabah” since October 30, 2021. Our team won 20 out of 33 games under his leadership.